Wednesday, July 17, 2013


August 25th, 2012 the NGO Urban Greenland inaugurated 1st SK8bowl in Sisimiut, Greenland - + u can read (in danish) about the build here

This year #now, Urban Greenland raised the bar and completed QINNGORPUT street oriented SK8PARK. Qinngorput, meaning "the bottom of our fjord", used to be a camping site, later suburb, now integrated part of capital city Nuuk.

QINNGORPUT SK8PARK has again only been possible through solid work by the "international steering commitee" headed by Natalia Genét. This build is a parthership with PIVOTECH DK, AK Montage, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq/Municipality and Saviminilerinermik Ilinniarfik (Vocational Training School).

The build is documented here:
Layout by Pivotech + Qinngorput Sk8park july 2013! (Images: courtesy and copyright by Pivotech DK & Urban Greenland). STAY TUNED FOR THE GRAND OPENNING...SATYRDAY 27TH JULY.... in the mean time get familiar with KNR's take on this part of the story: (in greenlandic) (in danish)

URBAN GREENLAND (UG)NGO - sports, knowledge and community

Urban Greenland is an international, non-governmental entrepreneurial organization. We support children, youth and communities through sports, knowledge & action. Urban Greenland was founded in 2011 by Natalia Genét, the founder of Sisimiut Snowboard Club. Urban Greenland Steering board is staffed by specialists and advisors on children & youth affairs - sports, research & development, communication, arts, media & education, entrepreneurship and business development.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to create programs based on leisure activities, and improving living conditions for children and young people in Greenland. On the outset of local opportunities and environment, Urban Greenland delivers educational and experimental spaces where children and young people involve in decision making on daily bases and create as such future development for local culture & community.



Uvikkait Dome Youth House Kuujjuaq, Nunvaik by NuSchool Design Agency. July 2013.

The Uvikkait Dome is a typical Arctic youth centre, organizing activities for local youth. Play, sports, community,education or regular hangout. Kuujjuaq is the largest Inuit community in Nunavik with approx 2400 citizens. This is, I think, 3rd time NUSCHOOL's residency in this capital. (Image: courtesy NUSCHOOL Design.)

See the whole project here:

Before NUSCHOOL it was a whole diff. deal (image: courtesy Jakub Christensen M., 2006)

Before NUSCHOOL it was a whole diff. deal (image: courtesy 77jcm, 2006)