Thursday, April 18, 2013


from the top of my head....

#glpol I take my hat off (again) to Greenland, dealing with youth-education contradition!

Workin' with youth, space and skills (visions & creativity) for now about 10y (in DK & KN), I write this, triggered by - aknowledging Alex Nørskov's press release in Sermitsiaq re youth challenges in vocational training schools = challenges in primary school, challenges in educational training = youth > < education contradition nowadays. HAT OFF FOR CUTTING THROUGH.

Education, from youth perspective particularly,seems to be the mantra lingua of everyday life "from Cape Horn to Upernavik". Nobody + no body(!) seems to ask the question, what is education to us today and what is at stake choosing one and e.g. the environment in which education is rolled out. I avoid the word global for a reason here - e.g. let's think about how this and that affects our everyday life; every day. To cut to the point, unlike formal education system, spaces like run by Kim Godtfredsen in Nuuk, Greenland - make and should maintain a voice in judging youth >< education contradition.

Take it like this: how would U be able to CHOOSE an education or, let's say activity for the next couple of years, incl. meaningless homework presented by egocentred ppl, sitting down and being talked to like a child again, being a statistical tool in a politicians view, building up anxiety 24/7towards supplemented knowledge ....etc. etc.?

The great point made by Alex Nørskov (Chairman of the Board at Vocational School in Nuuk) is, in my opinion, written in between lines -> recognizing how EDUCATION is not only a question of teachers and communicating knowledge but also a matter of communicating community i.e. instead of talkin' youth this and that, focusing on the space& time of transition between primary school and specialized training. We have to do something about it! What will we do about it, actually? What is relevant in our environment? What position do we posses in our living environment NOW? Important, missing link is, e.g. the LINES of -> encompassing elements of nowness in doing education as space, time and everyday life.

Now, not knowing either Alex Nørskov or Kim Godtfredsen in person, I argue, that those two, in many ways are role models (and do not be mistaken by that!) and HAVE an opportunity to strengthen their desires WITH the youth e.g. making a nationwide HEADSPACE where environment -> space, time and knowledge play a role. NOT a Danish or for that sake any other European "idea".

No - go ahead and develop what u got instead of copying e.g. the Danish Vocational School system or for that sake the Danish Education Debate. I, personally, rather GO ALL IN Greenlandic then copying something for the sake of pleasing personal, politically charged interests.

R u ready?
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