Monday, April 02, 2012


Today, 1st stage of URBANGREENLAND - do it yourself project by Nathalia Genét, landed in Sisimiut. God knows what her schedule is. One thing is there for sure - the logistics, the meetings and lines are about to get planned alive & the hell out.

I've been involved in this project from the beginning, behind the scenes which suites me fine at the moment; considering the importance of a whole bunch of other things screaming from behind. Nevertheless, it's a pleasure to see this finally happening and I hope it will do all the way! Otherwise ;-).

Skateboarding is a topic I've been working on in Greenland for years. The "big" secret behing my PhD thesis is, the board being the thread to the rhythmanalysis of Youth & Urbanity in Sisimiut - I did it in 1 case and the 10 cases altogether /english summary - here

Well, let's get back to my intentions. Here's (above) the goal of the Urban Greenland - do it yourselfs project - THE BOWL by SK8 FOUNDATION GREENLAND.

More info etc.

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