Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Can you keep up with them pace? This is NUSCHOOL DESIGN in GJOA HAVEN. NUSCHOOL as in Iqaluit, NUNAVUT. Jonathan Cruz.
To me this piece stands for "The Pedagogy of Graffiti". "Pedagogy of Hip-Hop Graffiti" is a chapter by Janis Rahn (2002)from her book Painting without permission. Her point is basically what the grand father of space, time & rhythm meant by; "This refers to the needs for creative activity, for the oeuvre (not only of products and consumable material goods), of the need for information, symbolism, the imaginary and play" (Lefebvre 2006:147); on the issue of The Right To The City + and Rights in general).

In 2011, I would like to bring you an interview with NUSCHOOL DESIGN AGENCY. Let's see if time and "needs" meet.

ALL images courtesy of + copyright NUSCHOOL DESIGN AGENCY/Jonathan Cruz.