Thursday, August 19, 2010


He's back. He's solid and pushing it one step ahead, again. What a big ... whale! Graffiti, murals, Nunavut, community, heritage etc. you name it! Jonathan Cruz - NuSchoolDesign Agency (Cruz has just visited Sisimiut/Greenland as part of Nunavik Youth Expedition)

Images courtesy of + copyright Jonathan Cruz.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


July 21th, 2010 my PhD dissertation was sent to following recipients

Groenlandica, Ilisimatusarfik Library, MIPIChildren & Youth Research Centre Greenland, Greenland Tourism & Business Council, Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure and Transport – Greenland Government, Tumit Production, Aqqaluk Lynge - ICC Greenland, SANILIN, Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia, Sisimiut Museum, Serrat – Sisimiut Music Academy, Sisimiut MunicipalityChildren & Youth Dept., Greenland Representation.Copenhagen, Ministry of Social AffairsGovernment of Greenland, Ministry of Culture, Education, Research and The ChurchGovernment of Greenland, Greenlandic Children Association CPH, KNR – Greenland Broadcasting Company, NAPA- The Nordic Institute of Greenland.

This (i.e. above) has been possible by a small grant from NAPA - thank you!

Additional number of books sent to different stakeholders e.g. Embassy of Czech Republic in Copenhagen, DPU - The Danish School of Education, anthropologsit Mads Pihl/Qeqqata Business Council, music-ethnologist Michael L. Hauser etc. 

NOW - a number of non-profit, print on demand publications (1. issue) is available by contacting Studenterafdelingen, Univ. of Copenhagen (

To wrap it all up - thank you all for your interest during 2006-2010. 

(Special thanks goes to Univ. of Copenhagen for letting me wait 2 month average; for about anything I contributed to your "system" ...@olimould: 6. u wanna do a phd at ucph? get yourself a big jar of headache pills!)