Saturday, April 25, 2009


Place Urbanity by Jeffrey Shaw (2001) from UNSW iCinema Centre on Vimeo.

I found this thought-provoking definition of urbanity. As you can hear and see it is from down under......what do you recon....

"The human being.....has a need to see, to hear, to touch, to taste and the need to gather these perceptions in a 'world'. To these anthropological needs which are socially elaborated (that is, sometimes separated, sometimes joined together, here compressed and there hypertrophied), can be added specific needs which are not satisfied by those commercial and cultural infrastructures which are somewhat parsimoniously take into account by planners. This refers to the need for creative activity, for the oeuvre (not only products and consumable material goods), of the need for information, symbolism, the imaginary and play" (Lefebvre 1996:147).

I think there are sequences where little bit of both appear in the video. Play and planning. As we zoom in and "zoom" around.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

From The Arctic to the rest of the World

Today's input:
Ever heard of Extreme Greenland Mesh files?

"....FlightSim Greenland provides the registered users with Flight Simulator files related to Greenland.
To get access all you have to do is register as a user. do not receive any fundings from others, and runs entirely by fundings from the owner. And the editors/authors are doing their great work wihtout any paying. And they're doing it just for you......"

Not only for the young in Sisimiut.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Lucie Idlout
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"....The acoustic version, Angel Street, was discovered by the mayor of Iqaluit, Elisapee Sheutiapik, who championed to have the name of the street where the women's shelter is located renamed Angel Street. Lucie performed the song for Bev Oda and all the Provincial and Territorial Ministers of the Status of Women at a function announcing the renaming of city streets across the country to Angel Street. Several cities have taken it into consideration with Fredericton, NB already on board. Lucie has been amazed by the impact of the song. She wrote from the heart but had no idea that the song would become such a symbol of hope for women and communities across the country. Both versions hold very special meaning to her. The acoustic version of this song can be found in the following short documentary, A Place To Run To, which focuses on the issue of spousal abuse in the north:"

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