Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The artist _____ says following about the image.
"in --- out
Knud Rasmussen, the danish polar adventourist...
Our political election is a month away, so only a sample.
Comments are appreciated".
Nuuk, 2005
Source: stencilrevolution.com
Se more Greenlandic StreetArt at 77jcm.net

Monday, June 16, 2008


Charity song for The Better Life for Children-organisation in Greenland by HAP (formerly Nuuk Posse).

APRIL 2008 DJ HAP issued a competition in the Greenlandic newspaper Sermitsiaq. 10 remixes of his song are available online: http://sermitsiaq.gl/kultur/article30562.ece

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Social Work through Hiphop on Aboriginal Public Television Network

Respect Each Other is a documentary from Kuujjuaraapik , Nunavik (A Hudson Bay town Half Cree and Half Inuit).

Respect Each OTher is being broadcast on APTN: June 10 @ 12 am and June 14 @ 23:00 & 3 am.

APTN - http://www.aptn.ca/

(Image: courtesy of BluePrint for Life - http://www.blueprintforlife.ca/ )

sisimiut - short movie (HITS)

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Abstract: Using three student reports as sources of information about young people’s encounter with urban places in Sisimiut, this article investigates how questions related to localities interlink with questions of private and public responsibilities. “Smoking on school premises”, “A view from a skidoo” and “Playgrounds in Sisimiut”, are presented as examples of young people’s perception of institutional and leisure arenas. The student reports from the local Technical School raise questions about health issues, security and accessibility, elaborated in a context of personal narratives, and correlated with localities such as the school, playground and those appropriated by the skidoo. Within different modes of appropriating space, private and public responsibilities are addressed by demarcating the smoking localities in an educational environment, raising awareness about playground security and accentuating the feasibility of a widespread urban space – accessed by innovative skidoo accessory. The student reports not only offer interesting insight to young people’s appropriation of space on different localities, but also insight to different levels of private and public responsibilities, accentuating important aspects of understanding urban space as a social and multi-scaled construct. By highlighting the importance of narratives in spatial analysis, I argue that localities interlink with questions of private and public responsibilities, as articulated configurations of socio-spatial relations - in the student’s reports, conceived as scales of indications, expectations and access.

Keywords: youth, space, narratives, urbanity

This article will be available in fall 2008 as part of proceedings of IPSSAS 2007 seminar in CPH/DK