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"... use hip hop as a way to promote health, reduce crime and prevent suicide. "

"Ottawa and Iqaluit are pouring $400,000 into a program that aims to use hip hop as a way to promote health, reduce crime and prevent suicide."

......... "Arctic hip hop leadership summit" for the Baffin region in March". Chris Windeyer for Nunatsiaq News, 2008-12-19.

[Hip Hop - RAP (rythm & poetry), BreakDance, Graffiti]

Image: sketch from NewYears Party in Sisimiut, 2004. 04BAAJ - Farewell 2004! Artist: copyright ZAKE85;

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1st episode -Arctic Spirits is the new rock band from Qeqertarsuaq Greenland... (greenlandic vers.)

Arctic Spiritsimi nipilersortartut inuusuttut sisamat Qeqertarsuarmeersut kalaallisut rockerneq nuannaraat......

Arctic Spirits består af fire unge fyre fra Qeqertarsuaq, som brænder for at spille grønlandsk rock....

(Image - KNR - embedde from )

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Tupârnaq Fleischer seeks internship - MEDIA, COMMUNICATION

Tikeq Qiterleq Mikileraq Eqeqqoq

Premiere: Dec 2008 - SISIMIUT
Produced by: ItsumarloParlo
Starring: Henrik H Jeremiassen, Nukaaka Berthelsen, Arne Hansen, Jacob Barselajsen & Ujarneq Fleischer
Plot: community, friendship ...

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John Hasyn on Nunavut Youth

Discovering the beauty of teenagers
by John Hasyn
YES! Online: For Teachers & Students

"The first line of the chorus from the song “Teenagers” by the band My Chemical Romance is, “Teenagers scare the living sh*t out of me.”

For most of my adult life, this could have been my mantra. Quite frankly, I found teenage coolness intimidating and always dreaded or avoided interacting with them. I’m also of an age where I can barely remember the details of own adolescence.

Today, I actually really want to be around young people. That’s been a big change for me. I’ve learned I can connect with a teenager. I never thought that would be possible until I discovered Nunavut.

I first visited the region in 2006 in search of something good. Ever since Nunavut became a part of Canada just under a decade ago, there were reports only of its socio-economic failures. Generally, when I only see bad, I know there is something good just around the corner. It didn’t take me long to find it................."

Read more/source - YES! Online - For Teachers and Students
Image embedded from

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The Arctic Hip Hop Project - [Blueprint For Life] has published a book available at


tags: self confidence, Hiphop, bboy, empowerment, education



Fresh info on Arctic HipHop Project (the Blueprint for Life) from Arctic Bay.
Read at:


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Interview with HENRI LEFEBVRE (1901-1991), 1970's (l'office national du film du canada):

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Friday, October the 10th I'll be participating in a poster competition of Univ. of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities. The poster is in Danish 70x100cm.

Content: about "Youth & the City: investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland - visions, skills and creativity."
- backgorund
- collected data
- methods applyed
- topic relevant statistics
Text, layout, images by Jakub Christensen Medonos (2008) & John Doe (2004).

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The Good Story: GU-Nuuk 2007/2008

Consisting of 23 short stories, this book gives a picture of what it is like to be young and to be student at the High School in Nuuk. The stories are printed in the language in which they have been written. None of them are translated.

8 Greenlandic
4 Danish
11 English

Go out and buy it! You'll find out why "Victory tastes like Prince Cookies"...............

Published in 2008 by Eskimoslottet, Nuuk. Box 1067, 3900 Nuuk. Contact:

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.. just visited Jonathan Cruz's Album.
See more on his BEBO profile
or visit

This image is embedded from Jonathans BEBO profile.

Monday, September 15, 2008


CBC's documentary on Inuit youth in Nunavut, their video club , YouTube etc..


"The city Sami in the woods" by Liselotte Wajstedt. Producer. Vibeke Vogel.

Image: prt scr

View at ISUMA.TV

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Not particularly a post concerning youth although the image sets the stage (what?#¤*^**).
I was asked to contribute with SK8 images for the IWGIA publication: "UTIMUT - Past Heritage - Future Partnerships. Discussions on Repatriation in the 21th Century" by Mille Gabriel and Jens Dahl (2008) (eds.) . One of them made it on the backcover.

The original. SK8 practice, Sisimiut 2007.

Friday, September 05, 2008


From the Nuuk Posse days. Back in the 80's (my guess). "Atuarfik" means school. Painted at the local school. Etc. etc. etc.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Youth & urbanity. What is the connection?

”There can be no city without centrality, no urbanity without a dynamic core, without a vibrant, open public forum full of lived moments and ”enchanting” encounters, disengaged from exchange value” (A. Merrifield 2006:71 [on the French phylosopher H. Lefebvre]).

Youth and youth culture play an important role here.

Based on my research: "Youth and the City - investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland: visions, skills & creativity", I apply following hypothesis inspired by Lefebvre's conceptualisation of "The Right to the City":

1. Urbanity – manifestation of the right to the city
2. Youth accentuate important aspects of urban self-reflection
3. Manifestation of the right to the city takes place in both institutional and non-institutional spaces.

Wallride contest. Sisimiut 2008. Courtesy of/copyright Zake85.


Elements. It’s all about elements. Different elements. The board, the place, the clothe you wear. Lifestyle. It’s about the body, kicking the board and kicking it right. It’s about light and motion. To capture that motion. Not about gender not about age. Dedication and timing instead. A rage of concentration in exercise. Permission and payback in DVD’s sent back. Regrets in not having the skills to capture the strength and concentration. Regrets. In not succeeding on selected tricks. The light, focus and the wind. Fix points in an evening of coincidence, curiosity and participation. That’s what it’s about – space, lived space. It takes about five minutes to find out who they are. Confrontation. The elements are either there, in their right place, or they pass by you like fright train tuned into the rhythm. Skate tracks. This is it. A selection of moments from two and a half hour of amazement and not so amazing at all. Feet. Look what they’re capable of. Why and when? Control stands against the flow. Practice by minutes and seconds.

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skaterrasmus & Co.
.... more on the way

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Courtesy of ZAKE 85, Sisimiut. Embedded from Internet....

"We constructed a wallride and did lots of jumps....". Image - courtesy of/copyright : ZAKE85, 2008.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Background info on the Iqaluit murals posted the other day:

.....Jonathan Cruz & Cellina Kalluk 2006 (Cruzcontrol)
.... Jonathan Cruz & Patrcik Thomson 2007 (Patricks profile)

Visit the ALIANAIT website for more info:
"...It all began one spring day when Alianait President Heather Daley looked out of her office window at the big, grey, ugly wall across the street: “We have to do something about that wall!” Two local artists happened to be in her office at the time and presto! The Alianait mural was born. The mural was........ "(

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... been collecting graffiti from the Arctic since year 2000. Always wondering why there isn't any native motives in those tags, peaces, stencils, street arts etc.
My master thesis is about Ilulissat Graffiti. You know, the place with the "melting icebergs" during summer. You can view part of my collection at:
Thanks to the artists and many friends sending me images of Arctic graffiti.
Here are some from Iqaluit - courtesy of KGH.

If you're asking yourself; " there a lot of graffiti in Iqaluit?" The answer (according to my sources) is no. One of the reasons maybe the 50+ police force, active & visible during the day/night, which ...... tagging is though supposed to be popular...
And yes, the masterpiece is sponsored by the authorities; it's legal. Unfortuanatelly I do not know the name of the artist. My best guess is Jonathan Cruz (local artist) or someone from down south doing a workshop for the local youth.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Aka's new co-production

Woody The Toothpick

NUFF 2008 workshop film by
Group #2

Bjørn Nordang (Norway)
Katrina Tomasicka (Latvia)
Aka Maria Koch Hansen (Greenland)
Josefina Larsson (Sweden)
Sergey Kislov (Russia)
Workshop leader: Tanja Meding (USA)
Script: film group #2
Actors: Bjørn Nordang, Bojan Vuletic, Josefina Larsson, Katrina Tomasicka, Tanja Meding
Camera: Aka Maria Koch Hansen, Bjørn Nordang, Katrina Tomasicka, Sergey Kislov
Sound: Jesefina Larsson
Animators: Josefina Larsson, Sergey Kislov, Bjørn Nordang
Stop Motion: Aka Maria Koch Hansen
Editors: Josefina Larsson, Bjørn Nordang
Sound Editor: Kate Tomasicka
Music composed, arranged and played by: Eirik Fjelde, Jonas Sivertsen, Hogne Rundberg, Øyvind Nygård, Kjetil Karolius, Truls Olsen, Bojan Vuletic

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Parkour - accentuating important aspects of urban self-reflection

Parkour documentary by Julie Angel following Dan Edwardes and Forrest from Parkour Generations as they teach parkour to young people in schools and community groups across London

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ITK President Mary Simon In The House of Commons

National Inuit Leader Mary Simon, President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, speaks in Canada's House of Commons following the Apology to students of Residential Schools delivered by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on June 11, 2008.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The artist _____ says following about the image.
"in --- out
Knud Rasmussen, the danish polar adventourist...
Our political election is a month away, so only a sample.
Comments are appreciated".
Nuuk, 2005
Se more Greenlandic StreetArt at

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Charity song for The Better Life for Children-organisation in Greenland by HAP (formerly Nuuk Posse).

APRIL 2008 DJ HAP issued a competition in the Greenlandic newspaper Sermitsiaq. 10 remixes of his song are available online:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Social Work through Hiphop on Aboriginal Public Television Network

Respect Each Other is a documentary from Kuujjuaraapik , Nunavik (A Hudson Bay town Half Cree and Half Inuit).

Respect Each OTher is being broadcast on APTN: June 10 @ 12 am and June 14 @ 23:00 & 3 am.


(Image: courtesy of BluePrint for Life - )

sisimiut - short movie (HITS)

Hits on YouTube = 806
Hits on (full lenght) = 330


Abstract: Using three student reports as sources of information about young people’s encounter with urban places in Sisimiut, this article investigates how questions related to localities interlink with questions of private and public responsibilities. “Smoking on school premises”, “A view from a skidoo” and “Playgrounds in Sisimiut”, are presented as examples of young people’s perception of institutional and leisure arenas. The student reports from the local Technical School raise questions about health issues, security and accessibility, elaborated in a context of personal narratives, and correlated with localities such as the school, playground and those appropriated by the skidoo. Within different modes of appropriating space, private and public responsibilities are addressed by demarcating the smoking localities in an educational environment, raising awareness about playground security and accentuating the feasibility of a widespread urban space – accessed by innovative skidoo accessory. The student reports not only offer interesting insight to young people’s appropriation of space on different localities, but also insight to different levels of private and public responsibilities, accentuating important aspects of understanding urban space as a social and multi-scaled construct. By highlighting the importance of narratives in spatial analysis, I argue that localities interlink with questions of private and public responsibilities, as articulated configurations of socio-spatial relations - in the student’s reports, conceived as scales of indications, expectations and access.

Keywords: youth, space, narratives, urbanity

This article will be available in fall 2008 as part of proceedings of IPSSAS 2007 seminar in CPH/DK

Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch info on Global TV - Arctic Hip Hop

"...100 Inuit teens, 10 Hip Hop dancers and 5 days in the remote Hamlet of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.Capitalizing on the popularity of Hip Hop, Social Worker and longtime B-boy Stephen Leafloor has brought positive Hip Hop workshops to the north...."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hip Hop Thrives in the Arctic

More and more Inuit youth in the Arctic communities on Baffin Island are getting excited about Hip Hop dance. Learn about the power of Hip Hop through Will Steger's Expedition to
the Canadian Arctic...
Dancing has been part of Inuit culture for centuries. Kilaujaq, the
traditional drum dance of the Arctic, is an excellent example of
this. "Square dance, hip hop, drum dance, it's all the be
happy with other people" explaines Inuit elder Marie Airut. Read more at:

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Documentary on Arctic Hiphop - GLobal TV, April 19th

Friday, today. Opened my mail and got really, really excited. Thanks Buddha!

"A 1 hour feature documentary by Randy Kelly will be on Global TV - April 19th at 7 PM Eastern Standard time. This will be an in-depth story of our BluePrint projects (Social Work through Hiphop) and how traditional Inuit culture is integrated as they find their own voice. It will be an incredibly positive story that follows a number of Inuit youth into their homes. Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to your contacts -we want to get all of Nunavut and the rest of Canada tuning in.

Lets all celebrate the spirit of these kids who don't give up on life !!! And bring Hiphop back to what it was always meant to be !
More info can bee seen on our projects at

Thanks for your ongoing support

aka Stephen Leafloor"

Visit Buddha on YouTube -

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Monday, February 11, 2008

My Wild Irish Rose

Klaus Berthelsen (Sisimiut, Greenland) has posted following on YouTube.
"This is one of my Barbershop songs yet again, took me a while to get the tones right, the most diffelcult part must be low G note in Base.
This music was encoded in Sonar Calkwalk 3.
This was made by: Klaus Berthelsen "

Friday, January 25, 2008


Just want to add a short info on thesisimiut movie by Aka Maria Koch Hansen - shot for my PhD research: the movie is now available in full lenght on theISUMA.TV portal for Indigenous Filmmakers. Visit

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

EUKN - European Urban Knowledge Network - Superlocal Identities - the value of European urban youth cultures

"The development of urban youth cultures in Europe proves that despite their mostly US origin, they often function as channels for voicing national and local concerns. There are many European experiences to be explored and shared. Phenomena such as street fashion, independent publishing and hip hop have the potential to open up European elite-driven paradigms of quality, culture and citizen participation", Tommi Laitio states in his article. The commercial sector has been quick to realise the value of youth cultures and now widely supports them. Politics and the mainstream media however have been late to realise this value and now have a lot of catching up to do. The interest of those institutions is often driven by fear and not by real curiosity. Public authorities also run into the difficulty of supporting youth activities which are considered illegal (parties/festivals, posting, graffiti). According to Laitio, European media and public bodies should recognise the artistic and positive aspects of subcultures and apply this recognition beyond the mere use of youth cultures when issues of, for example, integration are discussed. In addition, more needs to be done at the public level to cultivate the conditions in which youth cultures can thrive.Tommi Laitio is a journalist and cultural worker living in Amsterdam.EUKN - European Urban Knowledge Network - Superlocal Identities - the value of European urban youth cultures

Blogged with Flock

SuperLocal Identities also relevant in the Arctic?
Yes would be the answer in my opinion. Emerging youth cultures throughout the Arctic show that despite their inspiration from US or European culture, they very often function as channels for voicing local and national concerns.
I'm not sure that I would use the term superlocal identities, although I use the term glocal (combination of global and local) which may/may not be about the same thing. The phrasing maybe different in Tommi Laitios article but I agree, that local enterpreneurs in the Arctic have opened up for contemporary quialities of urban cultures/subculters. I also agree that media have done very little in promoting contemporary cultural streamings. The priority maybe A) first self-determiantion b) on our own premisses c) about who we are.

Examples from the Canadian Arctic:
BluePrint for Life - connecting with Nunavut Youth through HipHip. Check the project website and read about the support from local authorities. BlueprintforLife

Examples from Greenland:
Prussic - HipHop trio from Greenland's capital raised a number of issues on their "Misiliineq siulleq" CD. Issues concerning values of family life, use of illegal substances, political engagement and nepotism etc. Other rappers such as PeandEL or TuuMotz (formerly Nuuk Posse) adress critical issues considering contemporary conditions in Greenland.

Examples from my own research in Sisimiut (urban community in Greenland, situated above the polar circle; approx. 6000 citizens):
In my dissertation (officially due in 2009) I'll have many examples of global cultural streams raising local issues.
For the moment there is peticularly one issue which pups up - the issue of MotoCross activities outside the city, raising a problem involving the local museum (preservation of cultural values), municipality & police (dealing with motorbikes in/out the city, polution, rights and laws), nature guide (promoting cooperation and awarness) and the youth club. I'm not going to tell the whole story here, but it can be summed up in following lines. Many young people are skilled and dedicated motocrossers but have not got any place to pursuade their activity in Sisimiut. Through debates with local authorities, representatives of young people raised issues about the lack of arenas for motocross, skateboarding, bmx etc. The debate was not a clash of opinions, but joint effort to find a way, money and organisation which would support different cultural activities (next to dog-sledging, skidoo riding, sports etc...) Suma summarum - despite different opinions about youth cultural activities, not only do young people use their "lifestyle" to raise issues about good life in their hometown, but also receive a great deal of support from local authorities. I think I can reveal, that the planned motocross/bmx/shooting arena hasn't yet become a reality but I'm confident that it will. The process has started.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

[V] are all rockstars; "thank you" :o)

So true. In relation to our lives as young we all had dreams (maybe still have) about becoming a star. To be in the centre of everyone's attention. This wonderfull commercial(?) sets the topic into a multicultural frame and additionally, in pleasant way, sets the drama of becoming a star into the perspective of wonderland.

(The tune: Sweet child o'mine by Guns n' Roses, from Hollywood, California!)

Friday, January 04, 2008

The reciprocity between anthropologist and informant

"...There is a little sense of him studying them...."

"...the limiting of distance between "expert" and the subject, the trust that is built up and the ethical foundations of such research, which enable those who are its subjects to influence the agenda (Kehily (ed.) 2007:53 - Understanding youth. Perspectives, identities and practice. SAGE.)

2008 - the year I concentrate on writing my dissertation. Workingcurrently on few case studies and MindMaps. Friend of mine has recommended interesting publication on youth research.
Yes, it's a hint. I think that "Understanding youth. Perspectives, identities and practice" is a brilliant book. Not only it give insight in to different research strategies but includes also exercise orchestrated along relevant questions.