Saturday, July 14, 2007

WEEK 28 9.7. - 14.7. 2007

A) Waiting, B) Frustration, C) Meeting & discussions, D) Sorting things out, E) Happiness, F) Sailing, G) Tired.... I guess I can write FIELDWORK as well..

This week I spent time on sorting things out regarding the movie "sisimiut" made by Aka. I made an agreement with Sisimut TV on broadcasting the 13min. film in September. I showed the movie to Sisimiut TV and to A. who's in it.
I held several meeting with the Nature Guide regarding Assaqutaq project. Then: photo work, traffic count etc... I also put some work in sending applications for funding for 2 artists who shall assist in a creative workshop during the first 3 weeks of September.

Plans for next weekS are following:
All next week on Assaqutaq project: many young people involved. On the 20th elders and young young/kids will also join the group.
On the 22nd I plan to go to Kangerlussuaq and take the plane on 27th. Well, this is still in progress in regards of planning. The plan is that Erni and a young lady will be joining me on this trip. The group from Assaqutaq will sail us as far as possible up in Amerloq fjord and from there we'll be hiking 5 days. The project is complex in regards of preparation, my own included; such as transport of my things to Kangerlussuaq, getting support and radio gear, security etc. We're at this moment getting a lot of help from adults who participate in meetings and guide us in terms of what to bring, getting our roles of engagement set etc.

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