Saturday, July 14, 2007


On Thursday I went with Steen and Lars Piitaq to Isortuarsuk. Steen is the primus motor in sailing and fishing/hunting, the husband of Ansu, leader of Nutaraq, Lars Piitaq is an employee of Nutaraq since 2006. We started at 14.00 and returned 23.30 to my dormitory. Our objectives that day was to setup a camp for Nutaraq. Every year youth goes to this fishing camp for trout fishing. 4 to 5 days with employees from the Youth Club Nutaraq. 4-5 days with hard work.
Isortorsuak is a marvelous plays where young people from Sisimiut, youth who relate to youth club Nutaraq, get a chance to be out on the land. Together with their friends, getting fresh air and energy from fishing and coping with challenges included in camping.
Judging from the sailing trip (1,5 hours - approx. 50 km from Sisimiut) in an open boat, this trip gives different experience to youth, compared to activities in the city. In an other view, this place reminds me that Sisimiut isn't only urban but country/nature as well. So, judging from the amount of people it may well be that Sisimiut is a small place, but judging from the seasonal activities, it's in many ways a huge metropolis. Thus the city is a lot about the land, something you get reminded off during high activity of skidoo journeys during winter and sailing during

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