Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The stage is about to be set for the journey's end. Today the decision on the "Strong-willed youth project" has been made. On Sunday the 21st of July I'll be tracking towards Kangerlussuaq, guided by Nukappiaraq/Erni and Karina. From tomorrow on we shall be working together in Assaqutaq. I'm not sure I'll be able to update this blog before I arrive in Denmark since I only return to town for short shower and final arrangements regarding the transportation of my stuff from the airport. As it looks now, I'm flying out from Kangerlussuaq.
The plan of the approx. 85 km hike is to make research into the urban youth outside the "city limits." I'm glad to be in company of a very determined lady and young man, whom I'm getting to learn the coming days. This project has only been possible by assistance and guidance of Kim Møller Olsvig, Nature Guide in Sisimiut. We are also getting a lots of help from Laarseeraq Skifte - both men getting us ready, supporting by logistics and equipment such as Iridium phone, VHS radio, First Aid packs etc...
Today we had a great and effective day. Inlc. leisure, fishing and sailing, working and planning. It's half past twelve. I'm tired. Getting my gear set, my room packed. I am to be picked up in 7,5 hours. Maybe I'll get the chance to add more from our stay in Assaqutaq before we leave on Sunday.

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