Thursday, July 19, 2007


Thursday the 19th of July; returned from Assaqutaq. We had a great time. Seal hunting, working on painting several building in Assaqutaq, playing games etc.
The days in/out town were beautiful. Young people really enjoy to be out on the land, especially sailing and having a chance to be together with their friends. One of the young ladies did a great job in getting hold of many young sisimiormiut. In this way Tuesday was really fun in sense of life in the old hamlet.
Tommorow we have last day in Sisimiut. Making our equipment ready and getting hold of some stuff for the trip to Kangerlussuaq on Sunday. Tomorrow, many people will go to Assaqutaq. We have also agreemtn with Sisimiut TV and the local newspaper who will cover the story of Erni and Karina and me going to Kangerlussuaq.
I'm very tired. Using my time on washing clothes and re-packing. Looking forward to get a sleep, recharge batteries for my camera and leave tomorrow. There will be elders, youth and children - bridging the generations, one could say. Again, the whole thing wouldn't be possible without several individuals work and determination. Yes, many of them are youth!

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