Monday, July 30, 2007


Strong willed youth: guides and teachers on the land
I'm writing this from Copenhagen.On top of all my doings and whereabouts in Sisimiut and the nearby hamlet Assaqutaq I'm rather stunned, sitting in my home and reflecting on a beautiful, educational and rather expensive hike from the Fiord of Akulleq to Kangerlussuaq (approx. 80 km.) IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Erni and Karina made it safe and insightful on the land. Hard working and educating. I have written it before, nevertheless, I write it again. The project "Strong Willed Youth" wouldn't have been possible without support from Kim Olsvig Møller, the local Nature & Culture guide in Sisimiut.
We took off from Assaqutaq on Sunday afternoon bound to Akulleq from where we started a 4 day journey. Weather was both warm, chilly and rainy. The bags were heavy. The mood and talks personal, full of awareness and joy full. In the following I present couple of images from the trip and some footage done by my mobile phone. Summary of our trip/route is in the middle.
Can I really study Urban Youth on the Land? The answer is YES! Not only are my two guides having a life in an urban setting, but both agree that boundaries of the city go beyond the "urban" limits / buildings and roads.
Sisimiut city has a lot of nature. During both winter and summer youth go out on the country. Be it skying, hiking or a day trip. During our trip we met youth from Youth Club Nutaraq on their way from Kangerlussuaq. They were stunned by meeting us. How come that Erni can hike when he always drives a car in the city? How come Karina is hiking, when she's all about homework and party? This says a bit about how we judge each other. When you get people to know you realize how broad experienced they actually are. In case of Erni and Karina, they're at one and the same moment urban settlers, hunters, sailors and navigators. Party people and jokers, convincing storytellers and honest, caring family members. Friends of friends, Jacks Of All Trades etc................
I want tell the whole story here. This is a blog and you enjoy the images now. I'll have a rest, work on the administration of my project and work on my next trip to Sisimiut in september. The local newspaper SILLEQ will hopefully cover this story. I'm planning on writing and article for AG in co-op with Kim Olsvig Møller. The local TV/Sisimiut TV have made an agreement with Erni and Karina about an interview.

- Departure from Assaqutaq around 13.00. Stop at Sarfannguaq.
- Akulleq Fiord : arrival at 14.30. Hiking to Tourist Hut "Tugtu" until 22.00.
- 02:36 towards Kangerluatsiarsuaq. Reindeer Hunting, First Aid Repetition Course at 05:35. Breakfast at 09:30 in the middle of a green field. Meeting youth from Nutaraq at the top of the fields. Break at the Canoe Pickup point/Amitsorsuaq. Arrival at Canoe Center 14:45.
Erni and I haven't slept for more then 24hours.
24.07.2007 - 17.35 rowing across Amitsorsuaq
25.07.2007 - 00:30 arrival at Turist Hut Amitsorsuaq.15.00 departure for Kangerlussuaq. 21.26 - last stop at the "spooky" hut before heading to Kelly Ville.
26.07.2007 - 00:15 arrival at the hotel.

Idea: Kim Olsvig Møller
Participants: Nukappiaraq/Erni, Karina, Jakub
Logistics: Kim Olsvig Møller, Laarseeraq Skifte, Erni & Karina
Funding: Jakub's PhD project - Youth and the City– investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland: visions, skills and creativity (Danish Research Council); Erni & Karina employed as part of a sub-project "Strong Willed Youth."

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