Saturday, July 14, 2007


Image: Assqutaq in 1954, photographed by Torben Krogh. Courtesy of Sisimiut Museum.

This day was a result of a planning meeting at Nutaraq on the 11th of July. The Nature Guide, Community House in Sisimiut, Enterpreneur Laarseeraq Skifte and Youth Club Nutaraq are in cooperation working on upgrading facilities at a closed down hamlet Assaqutaq. Situated about 15 min. from the city by boat .
Friday was the day where all material needed for renovation was moved to Assaqutaq. I sailed first with Erni to fetch dinghies needed for transportation. In the evening we moved all material.
On Monday it's our plan to go for a week and work on the necessary construction/renewal of different buildings. We were only man participating in this work although several women took interest in this work during the meeting at Nutaraq. Under unforeseen circumstances the engagement of people was little nevertheless the work went smooth and full of pleasant expectations for the upcoming week.

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