Monday, July 30, 2007


Phase 1: 19/07-12/09 2006
Phase 2: 09/02-06/03 2007
Phase 3: 22/03-20/04 2007
Phase 4: 02/07-27/07 2007

Phase 5: September 2007

Main objectives:
Info about my project to the community. Exhibition at Sisimiut Museum. If funding from BG Fonden or Augustinus Fonden available - workshop with 2 artists.


Strong willed youth: guides and teachers on the land
I'm writing this from Copenhagen.On top of all my doings and whereabouts in Sisimiut and the nearby hamlet Assaqutaq I'm rather stunned, sitting in my home and reflecting on a beautiful, educational and rather expensive hike from the Fiord of Akulleq to Kangerlussuaq (approx. 80 km.) IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Erni and Karina made it safe and insightful on the land. Hard working and educating. I have written it before, nevertheless, I write it again. The project "Strong Willed Youth" wouldn't have been possible without support from Kim Olsvig Møller, the local Nature & Culture guide in Sisimiut.
We took off from Assaqutaq on Sunday afternoon bound to Akulleq from where we started a 4 day journey. Weather was both warm, chilly and rainy. The bags were heavy. The mood and talks personal, full of awareness and joy full. In the following I present couple of images from the trip and some footage done by my mobile phone. Summary of our trip/route is in the middle.
Can I really study Urban Youth on the Land? The answer is YES! Not only are my two guides having a life in an urban setting, but both agree that boundaries of the city go beyond the "urban" limits / buildings and roads.
Sisimiut city has a lot of nature. During both winter and summer youth go out on the country. Be it skying, hiking or a day trip. During our trip we met youth from Youth Club Nutaraq on their way from Kangerlussuaq. They were stunned by meeting us. How come that Erni can hike when he always drives a car in the city? How come Karina is hiking, when she's all about homework and party? This says a bit about how we judge each other. When you get people to know you realize how broad experienced they actually are. In case of Erni and Karina, they're at one and the same moment urban settlers, hunters, sailors and navigators. Party people and jokers, convincing storytellers and honest, caring family members. Friends of friends, Jacks Of All Trades etc................
I want tell the whole story here. This is a blog and you enjoy the images now. I'll have a rest, work on the administration of my project and work on my next trip to Sisimiut in september. The local newspaper SILLEQ will hopefully cover this story. I'm planning on writing and article for AG in co-op with Kim Olsvig Møller. The local TV/Sisimiut TV have made an agreement with Erni and Karina about an interview.

- Departure from Assaqutaq around 13.00. Stop at Sarfannguaq.
- Akulleq Fiord : arrival at 14.30. Hiking to Tourist Hut "Tugtu" until 22.00.
- 02:36 towards Kangerluatsiarsuaq. Reindeer Hunting, First Aid Repetition Course at 05:35. Breakfast at 09:30 in the middle of a green field. Meeting youth from Nutaraq at the top of the fields. Break at the Canoe Pickup point/Amitsorsuaq. Arrival at Canoe Center 14:45.
Erni and I haven't slept for more then 24hours.
24.07.2007 - 17.35 rowing across Amitsorsuaq
25.07.2007 - 00:30 arrival at Turist Hut Amitsorsuaq.15.00 departure for Kangerlussuaq. 21.26 - last stop at the "spooky" hut before heading to Kelly Ville.
26.07.2007 - 00:15 arrival at the hotel.

Idea: Kim Olsvig Møller
Participants: Nukappiaraq/Erni, Karina, Jakub
Logistics: Kim Olsvig Møller, Laarseeraq Skifte, Erni & Karina
Funding: Jakub's PhD project - Youth and the City– investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland: visions, skills and creativity (Danish Research Council); Erni & Karina employed as part of a sub-project "Strong Willed Youth."

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Thursday the 19th of July; returned from Assaqutaq. We had a great time. Seal hunting, working on painting several building in Assaqutaq, playing games etc.
The days in/out town were beautiful. Young people really enjoy to be out on the land, especially sailing and having a chance to be together with their friends. One of the young ladies did a great job in getting hold of many young sisimiormiut. In this way Tuesday was really fun in sense of life in the old hamlet.
Tommorow we have last day in Sisimiut. Making our equipment ready and getting hold of some stuff for the trip to Kangerlussuaq on Sunday. Tomorrow, many people will go to Assaqutaq. We have also agreemtn with Sisimiut TV and the local newspaper who will cover the story of Erni and Karina and me going to Kangerlussuaq.
I'm very tired. Using my time on washing clothes and re-packing. Looking forward to get a sleep, recharge batteries for my camera and leave tomorrow. There will be elders, youth and children - bridging the generations, one could say. Again, the whole thing wouldn't be possible without several individuals work and determination. Yes, many of them are youth!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The stage is about to be set for the journey's end. Today the decision on the "Strong-willed youth project" has been made. On Sunday the 21st of July I'll be tracking towards Kangerlussuaq, guided by Nukappiaraq/Erni and Karina. From tomorrow on we shall be working together in Assaqutaq. I'm not sure I'll be able to update this blog before I arrive in Denmark since I only return to town for short shower and final arrangements regarding the transportation of my stuff from the airport. As it looks now, I'm flying out from Kangerlussuaq.
The plan of the approx. 85 km hike is to make research into the urban youth outside the "city limits." I'm glad to be in company of a very determined lady and young man, whom I'm getting to learn the coming days. This project has only been possible by assistance and guidance of Kim Møller Olsvig, Nature Guide in Sisimiut. We are also getting a lots of help from Laarseeraq Skifte - both men getting us ready, supporting by logistics and equipment such as Iridium phone, VHS radio, First Aid packs etc...
Today we had a great and effective day. Inlc. leisure, fishing and sailing, working and planning. It's half past twelve. I'm tired. Getting my gear set, my room packed. I am to be picked up in 7,5 hours. Maybe I'll get the chance to add more from our stay in Assaqutaq before we leave on Sunday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


As announced earlier, here you go .... enjoy some images of SK8 Sisimiut

WEEK 28 9.7. - 14.7. 2007

A) Waiting, B) Frustration, C) Meeting & discussions, D) Sorting things out, E) Happiness, F) Sailing, G) Tired.... I guess I can write FIELDWORK as well..

This week I spent time on sorting things out regarding the movie "sisimiut" made by Aka. I made an agreement with Sisimut TV on broadcasting the 13min. film in September. I showed the movie to Sisimiut TV and to A. who's in it.
I held several meeting with the Nature Guide regarding Assaqutaq project. Then: photo work, traffic count etc... I also put some work in sending applications for funding for 2 artists who shall assist in a creative workshop during the first 3 weeks of September.

Plans for next weekS are following:
All next week on Assaqutaq project: many young people involved. On the 20th elders and young young/kids will also join the group.
On the 22nd I plan to go to Kangerlussuaq and take the plane on 27th. Well, this is still in progress in regards of planning. The plan is that Erni and a young lady will be joining me on this trip. The group from Assaqutaq will sail us as far as possible up in Amerloq fjord and from there we'll be hiking 5 days. The project is complex in regards of preparation, my own included; such as transport of my things to Kangerlussuaq, getting support and radio gear, security etc. We're at this moment getting a lot of help from adults who participate in meetings and guide us in terms of what to bring, getting our roles of engagement set etc.


Image: Assqutaq in 1954, photographed by Torben Krogh. Courtesy of Sisimiut Museum.

This day was a result of a planning meeting at Nutaraq on the 11th of July. The Nature Guide, Community House in Sisimiut, Enterpreneur Laarseeraq Skifte and Youth Club Nutaraq are in cooperation working on upgrading facilities at a closed down hamlet Assaqutaq. Situated about 15 min. from the city by boat .
Friday was the day where all material needed for renovation was moved to Assaqutaq. I sailed first with Erni to fetch dinghies needed for transportation. In the evening we moved all material.
On Monday it's our plan to go for a week and work on the necessary construction/renewal of different buildings. We were only man participating in this work although several women took interest in this work during the meeting at Nutaraq. Under unforeseen circumstances the engagement of people was little nevertheless the work went smooth and full of pleasant expectations for the upcoming week.


On Thursday I went with Steen and Lars Piitaq to Isortuarsuk. Steen is the primus motor in sailing and fishing/hunting, the husband of Ansu, leader of Nutaraq, Lars Piitaq is an employee of Nutaraq since 2006. We started at 14.00 and returned 23.30 to my dormitory. Our objectives that day was to setup a camp for Nutaraq. Every year youth goes to this fishing camp for trout fishing. 4 to 5 days with employees from the Youth Club Nutaraq. 4-5 days with hard work.
Isortorsuak is a marvelous plays where young people from Sisimiut, youth who relate to youth club Nutaraq, get a chance to be out on the land. Together with their friends, getting fresh air and energy from fishing and coping with challenges included in camping.
Judging from the sailing trip (1,5 hours - approx. 50 km from Sisimiut) in an open boat, this trip gives different experience to youth, compared to activities in the city. In an other view, this place reminds me that Sisimiut isn't only urban but country/nature as well. So, judging from the amount of people it may well be that Sisimiut is a small place, but judging from the seasonal activities, it's in many ways a huge metropolis. Thus the city is a lot about the land, something you get reminded off during high activity of skidoo journeys during winter and sailing during

Monday, July 09, 2007

Skateboard Greenland updated. Go to I'll be adding some images from yesterday's practice at Umiarsualivik....

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A movie by Aka Maria Koch Hansen
By [Agá] Productions
13 min.
Courtesy of & copyright by Aka Maria Koch Hansen

sisimiut - the short movie by Aka Maria Koch Hansen is a portrait of 2 young people from Sisimiut.
Uiloq is a young lady who studies at the Technical School, Sanilin. She spends most of here time with school homework, here boyfriend and leisure activities such as snowboarding. Aqqalunnguaq is a young man who dreams about becoming a bicycle repairer. Bicycling means a whole lot to Aqqalunnguaq. He spends most of his time bicycling or if the weather is bad at the Youth Club Nutaraq. In this short movie we encounter Uioloq and Aqqalunnguaq talking about their present and future in and out Sisimiut. In between their monologues both participants are portrayed during selected activities in the town.

sisimiut - the movie - is produced as part of my Ph.d. research project "Youth and the City– investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland: visions, skills and creativity" funded by Danish Research Council and part of "Urban Greenland - movements, narratives and creativity (2006-2009)."
Material for the 13 min. portrait of 2 young people from Sisimiut spans over 6 hours. It was recorded on a Sony HandyCam during august 2006. In my research I have access to all the raw data and permission for using the movie in public. Both participants gave also permission for viewing the movie in public. This will eventually take place through the local TV (Sisimiut TV) and KNR after an agreement between Aka, myself, the participants and the TV stations. The viewing will be non-commercial and probably take place during september 2007.
In terms of research, the process in making the movie and the final product are solely based on involvement of young sisimiormiut and their families. My personal involvement in this projects covers support in terms of motivation, logistics and my general research objectives, such as getting data about youth culture without little interference as possible.

Week 27 - 2.7.-8.7. 2007

So finally, my first post.

Chain smoking in Kangerlussuaq
I knew that I had a lot of time in Kangerlussuaq. This was due to the price for my plane ticket. Nevertheless, I spent 8 hours in the airport.

Graffiti mountain
During my waiting in the airport I decided to go on a short trip to Kangerlussuaq harbour. About 10 km by cab. I spent 1 hour walking around, mostly filming and photographing a hill filled with graffiti. Personal (like Kilroy was here) and many with relations to ships anchoring at Kangerlussuaq.

The fog brought me to Nuuk
When I finally boarded the plane, I expected to be in Sisimiut after 30 minutes. I haven't imagined that we would not be able to land. The weather was nice in Kangerlussuaq. But foggy, very foggy in Sisimiut. The captain of our plain couldn't simply get visual of the city. After circulating 2 times around the town the crew decided to bring us to Nuuk - which was actually on schedule. So, after 1,5 hour in the air, I landed in Nuuk and collected a voucher for a double bedroom at HHE - Hotel Hans Egede. The bizarre thing about this trip was the fact that few of the passengers on the same plane had actually left Nuuk earlier that day.

In Sisimiut on july the 3rd
Next day, early in the morning we finally left for Sisimiut. This time we skipped Maniitsoq because of thick fog. Nevertheless we had the chance to re-visit Kangerlussuaq. All in all, at 11.30 I made my way through town to the dormitory office and got keys for my room. I'm staying at the dormitory block H as last year. The only difference is that I now occupy the room number 31, exactly opposite my room from the winter.

Meetings, walks and talks
I spent my first week getting in shape after my long journey. From the beginning I knew I have to be quick about meeting my contacts, since some of them are on their way for holiday.
Sisimiut is somehow quiet. The dormitory is almost dead. Weather wise its perfect. Lots of sun.
I have spent a lot of time at the Youth club, making arrangements for next week. Either I go with people to set up a camp up north or to the hamlet Assaqutaq. The second place involves painting work and moving material from the city. Hopefully things get moving during the first days of next week.
I've already made a trip with youth to finish a painting job at a new playground at Teleøen. I've rented a car and helped transport people. Meetings this week included Youth Club, Nature Guide and my informants. I'm still working on getting in contact with people involved in the movie which I need to show them (the move was shot last year by Aka Maria Hansen - it is a 13 min. portrait of one young lady and one young boy.) The movie will be available some time in the future online. Probably when I get it in the local TV (September?).
Yesterday I went hiking with 2 guys around the fjord. Getting a lot of mosquito hustle, but eventually having a good day of this and that while climbing up and down the hill.

Being back in town

- there is a lot of activity during the evening and night, mostly youth driving around in cars or bicycling
- many new faces at the Youth Club
- interesting project coming up with the Qajaq Club (presently in Ilulissat participating at GM National Championship
- many people have left, stopped, moving
- the town is somehow empty, quiet
- lot of construction work going on