Saturday, April 14, 2007


Many things are happening right now. On top of that I feel exhausted and my stay is about to end. This week I had several nights where I was unable to sleep. The night from Thursday to Friday; I went to bed at 23.00 and fell first asleep at 04.30! I also miss my family and my dear wife very, very, very much. It has been little crazy for all of us.
Focusing on the positive things, I’m having really great interviews with plenty informants. It seems as well that writing a diary clears your thoughts. Major energy booster this week was material from Klaus Berthelsen of which I bring more here.
I also have a good feeling about meeting the students at the Technical School. Since app. August last year I have been working on a project theme for Technology Class, together with teacher at the Technical School, Kirsten Ramskov Galamba. It has been a long but very interesting process. I not only meet the pupils who will work with some of my ideas, but also the environment in which they spend most of their time during the week. To that I can add a lot of interesting and challenging meetings with the educational system, who really gave me a great welcome. We made it to produce material on the theme of “LEISURE” which the students use as inspiration, guidelines etc. for their product, reports, research – from the point of view of LOCALITY, INDUSTRY/ENTREPRENEURSHIP, SKILLS, FAMILY & FRIENDS.
This week I had an opportunity to meet one of the classes who will work on the LEISURE project. I spent 3 hours on talking about my background and my/our ideas/objectives with the project. I also used a presentation about Greenlandic graffiti to discuss locality, style etc. in Greenland. My teaching was more of a kind like guiding. I used a couple of small assignments in the class, like tell about the person next to you, about what he does in his/her leisure time. Write down what you associate graffiti with? It worked well. The students gave me and each other some pretty good questions. Simple, but hard, specific and intense.
OK this is maybe written in a little but confusing manner. Its not confusion that has got into me. It is just not simple to choose what to blog about anymore. There is a lot material and lot of it is unbelievable. Enjoy the work in the following videos.

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