Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Being mad is a light phrasing in regards of my mood today. I’m in trouble because I can’t solve out a problem regarding money transfer from the Uni. I mean, I may have a generous amount of funding for my project, but I’m not getting a credit for 20.000 Danish crowner out of my pocket (the amount is the approx. cost of 1 month fieldwork expenses during the wintertime - I use a lot of funds on transportation, materials and backup media.) Hopefully things change tomorrow, it has been over 3 weeks of waiting.

What made my day?

Daytrip on snowboard ended today with 1½ hour in the company of one of the local snowboard champs’ - Nukaaka Berhtelsen. Thanks for the lecture. I think the video speaks for it self (by the way – it’s on request, the really “crazy” stuff is off the camera). I also included an image from the summer. N.B. is also a skilled skateboarder.

- todays route from dorms to the snowboarding area.

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