Tuesday, April 03, 2007

26.03. – 02.04.2007 SUMMARY OF EVENTS

- visiting the youth club Nutaraq
- working on an article for Journal “UNGDOMSFORSKNING - Youth Studies/Research” – writing about “youth “fix points”” as social spaces; something I’m making inquiries into with help from Lefebvre (The Production of Space, Rhythm analysis etc.) , Danish architect Büllow, PhD. fellow (car lights as urban fix points)..
- snowboarding
- meetings at The Technical School
- concert with Kimmerneq
- visiting pleasure spaces, discotheque STARLIGHT
- cleaning up at the dorms
- meeting with my informants, planning follow-up interviews
- preliminary study of Aqqusinersuaq for upcoming research (not confirmed yet by the Folk High School or Sisimiut Museum.)
- taking care of missing money transfer from the university (this has taken ridiculously long time and will have an effect on my fieldwork plans here)
- taking pictures of graffiti

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