Sunday, March 25, 2007


This Blog seeks discussion on research about and among youth as it is stated in the title. I'm working among youth in a spatial environment and therefore there will not always be posts "about" young people only. Basically, what I want you to do is to keep in mind that this is only a blog and don't expect information about my all/complete beings and doings in Sisimiut or images of my informants while conducting interviews with them..... On the other hand, I may from time to time address specific subjects, something I mentioned earlier.
Then again, If you're reading this blog I invite you to enjoy and reflect on what you see from where you are and who you are. You're more then welcome to post a comment.



I spent 6 hours today "on the lake" following the festivities around Arctic Circle Race. Movements & moments is a bit about what this place can take during winter time.


On Friday, I took my phone out of my pocket at recorded some of the action related to the opening of ACR - Arctic Circle Race (see recent posts). In the afternoon while I was reading the news on the web I came across KNR's page about suggestions and ideas. So, I mailed them the videos and they made it on the front page. (KNR is Greenland National Broadcasting Company). Visit


Gettin' some practice prior to meeting with the local snowboarding wizards. I'm in contact with them (some are ill) and the weather seems good so far. Still waiting for more snow though.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Arctic Cirle Race 2007

Arctic Cirle Race 2007 (ACR) has just begun! 160 km in the surrounding country of Sisimiut Municipality. Not exactly a youth event, but who says that people over 40 don't feel young? Listen to some of the music in the 1st clip..

Read also for more info on the race; "....People who think the ACR is merely for super fit, elite athletes may think again. This year’s youngest participant is the 14-year old Amalie Lynge Hansen from the capital Nuuk. The oldest participant is 67 years old....." (source


After my arrival and getting settled at the dorms again I made a 2 hour trip to the country for testing my snowboard gear. It has been almost 3 years since I was snowboarding in Ilulissat……. Things went well; not that I’m an expert, but there are some potentials; surprisingly still going strong on the board.

My plans for the next month:

a) Project about LEISURE TIME in coop. with the Local Technical School

b) Project about “Aqqusinersuaq” the main road in Sisimiut in coop. with Sisimiut Museum and the Folk High School students

c) Minngortuunguup Atuarfia and Nalunnguarfiup Atuarfia questionnaires

d) Questionnaires and planning of exhibition with Youth Club NUTARAQ

e) Snowboarding with the local snowboard-wizards

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm not sure how much sense does it make to talk about 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of fieldwork. I'm beginning my 3rd month of my project-fieldwork now. I sense some changes in the way I am and people are to me, the way we talk and meet as far as time goes by.

For the record: my point of departure is:

Project: Youth and the City– investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland: visions, skills and creativity

Objectives: my PhD project investigates how youth in Greenland use and understand urban settings. The overall objective is to describe and analyze movements and creativity in the second largest city of Greenland, Sisimiut. Additionally, this project discusses how knowledge and skills, embedded in the local youth culture, may be connected with ideas implemented in the newest school statutory instrument Atuarfitsialak.

Methods: primary research will be conducted both during the school year and school holidays; it will consist of fieldwork undertaken over a period of six months and will be divided into four parts. Each part will take place during each of the four seasons of the year. The focus of the research will be on youth between the ages of 15 and 24. Additionally, a number of individual informants will be followed continuously. Apart from fieldwork in schools, the assembly hall, youth clubs and sport associations, the project will organize a creative workshop with young people to discuss their works on their urban lifestyle. The works, produced within the framework of the project, are to be presented in an exhibition at Sisimiut Museum.

Eskimology and Arctic Studies Section, Copenhagen - Denmark
Dept. of Cross Cultural and Regional Studies
University of Copenhagen

Funding: Danish Research Council, as part of research project: Urban Greenland: movements, narratives and creativity (2006-2009)

Sisimiut 22.03.2007


Completing 2nd stage of my fieldwork resulted in traveling back home. To see my family, to teach and take care of practical stuff; among other things to take care of finances and buying bindings for my snowboard (something I have been trying for a long time in Sisimiut.)

It was very nice to see my family. My 2 daughters are getting bigger and bigger. Emma Lou speaks a lot now, Anna May is huge! Apart from returning into my wife’s arms I had the chance to think about traveling (movements) between Greenland and Denmark. Not that this is new, but since it was taking place in between my 2nd and 3rd fieldwork period, I got some thoughts on this subject. Mobility must some how make a great part of the young people’s life. You travel often from home to your school where you live at the dormitory. You travel when you’re in need of on-the-job experience. You travel to foreign countries for more education. You travel home to see your family, visit your friends etc. Apart from having an opportunity to reflect on your situation I also think that traveling forms in some ways your lifestyle in the sense of settling down, in the sense of what might and might not be your home. The bottom line for me in this is: the young, the students, the society has a lot to share, a lot of experiences a lot of competences, some of which might come from the traveling life.

I left Sisimiut for Copenhagen on Tuesday the 6th of march. I turned 30 on Wednesday. Returned to Sisimiut on a Thursday (the 22nd) staying until Friday the 20th of April.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

CALENDER WEEK (9) - 26.2. – 2.3. 2007

SUMMARY: Participate in primary school (Minngortuunnguup Atuarfia) workshop week. Mixed class (9th-11th grade) working with the history of the towns harbor.

Questionnaires at PIAREERSARFIK – vocational collage and employment centre in Sisimiut (9 informants ranging from 18 years to 65.)

Meeting with KRG at the Technical High School to make further arrangements for my teaching in week 15 & 16

Making arrangements for questionnaires session at the youth club Nutaraq and discussion about exhibiting at the museum in mid-September 2007.

Writing reports regarding my visit at PIAREERSARFIK.

Writing proposals for Folk High School student’s project at the museum and my project. Proposals regarding a) place names b) small research project at the main road Aqqusinersuaq.

Attending an arrangement reg. an anniversary for the local musician Jokum Lennert

Attending Hand-ball competition at the Sports Arena

Visiting Sisimiut TV

Visiting the Music School

Visiting the youth club Nutaraq

Visiting NATURVEJLEDER – “the local nature guide”

Recording outside the town, on the skidoo/car/walking trail– photos and video

Backup of my data