Saturday, February 24, 2007


- Dining at the chinese restaurant MISIGISAQ situated at the harbour.
- My assistants turned in their translation of questionnaires and I'm working on setting up more interviews where they can participate.
- Interviews at the museum and the youth club Nutaraq. 2 old informants, 1 new, all male.
- Arrangements for interview at the STI Sisimiut (Local vocational collage) and Te School for the Deaf
- Visiting Nalunnguarfiup Atuarfia (Primary School - SKOLE 2) and presenting my questionnaires; making arrangements for a meeting of 10th or 11th grade pupils.
- Arrangements for skidoo trips with my informants
- Guided tour with KENTEC and his assistant; objectives - where and why you go on skidoo, how you navigate, traffic etc.
- the local bus takes 40 min. all the way around Sisimiut.

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