Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So, I’m back online. Although not very fast, and a bit angry about waiting for internet services since Friday. Currently staying the the dormitory.

Activities since visiting Sisimiut Scouts Association:

- visiting youth club NUTARAQ and planning arrangements for February/march

- visiting the Technical High School and meeting with teachers and representatives from KIIP (Home Rule Dept. Of Education). Reviewing material for classes at Technical High School in March.

- visiting the primary school Minngortuunnguup Atuarfia and working with questionnaires

- visiting the Municipality – The Municipal Youth and Culture Council

- recording sounds, small movies and images

- arranging fieldwork assistance among High School Students

- walking, meeting people, cooking and shopping groceries and snowboard equipment, moving from the museum to the dormitory and at last, getting rid of a heavy cold!

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