Wednesday, February 21, 2007


What has "ON MY WAY TO DO AN INTERVIEW" to do with youth studies? Well, I'm just trying to record and give you some picture of the environment people in Sisimiut live in. "ON MY WAY...." isn't the whole picture obviously. It doesn't represent the whole community. It's just a short clip from a sunny day, around lunch time. Notice the traffic, the sound and number of people in the picture, number of cars passing by. It's recorded outside the main traffic line in Sisimiut, at a small corner, but still a part of the town's bus line. Nikkorsuit road is the main road connecting several quarters of the city. Nikkorsuti road is the one I'm standing on and holding my phone.

Today I had a busy day. Working all morning on administrative stuff. Plus cleaning the kitchen floor at the dormitory and preparing an interview which took place at the museum in the afternoon. The interview was very interesting, but since I still need final permission for the use of the material, I won't be writing about it at the moment.
The administrative stuff was concerning my fieldwork assistants, who are doing a great job in translating questionnaires. In the upcoming days, I'm planning to use the assistants (3 Technical High School students) at an interview at the youth clubs and the second primary school SKOLE 2 - NALUNNGUARFIK ATUARFIA. Apart from that, I spend some time uploading material at an e-learning system for the Technical High School students whom I shall work with during march.

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