Saturday, February 10, 2007

2nd stage of my project-fieldwork, 2nd day of my work

The objectives of my current fieldwork are:
1st) conducting interviews of 10th grade pupils at the elemantary school Mingortuunnguup Atuarfia (SKOLE 1). I'm especially interested in two things. a) daily routines & b) youth leisure arenas in Sisimiut.
2nd) I shall follow a course in TECHNOLOGY at the local High School. I've contributed to some material on the subject of LEISURE TIME - in innovational perspective, from the point of view of kindship (friends and family) and by viewing leisure time as a space of visions, skills and creativity. My contribution has been turned in before my arrival.

I'm staying at the museum right now although I plan on moving to the local dormitory; maybe sometimes during next week. Let's see how this plan evolves. On the day of my arrival I've received a very sad news about an incident at the dorms. The local newspaper has little information about it, and the police are investigating. Don't expect me to dig in to this matter here, sorry and thank YOU.

Apart from the above stated objectives I'm meeting with my informants and discovering yet again Sisimiut during winter time. I was supposed to bring a snowboard for skying/snowboarding (what else?) at the local ski centre. Well, there is not really much winter/ski weather - although we're in february, above the arctic circle.......HOPE this does NOT last long (the weather forecast says snow on wednesday and friday.) I do cross my fingers! Think about it, yesterday there was about 1½ meters of snow in Nanortalik (South Greenland) - that's the place where you suppose to have first signs of spring right now!

Yesterday I payed a short visit to the youth club NUTARAQ and met the NATURE GUIDE on my way home. He invited me to the Sisimiut Scout's meeting today at 14.00.

This short video is from the Sisimiut Scouts meeting. Today I learned about First Aid on Ice (among other things). If you want to see/read more about Greenlandic Scouts Association, visit www. Member of the Greenlandic Scout Association Board, Paulo Lynge, is the leader of Sisimiut Scout Ass.

New Scout uniform for Greenland.

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(By the way. I won't be updating this blog daily - compared to my previous blog. I plan on writing once or twice a week and be more specific on selected subjects relevant to my project. I have also decided to write it in english although it's not my native language. I take this as an opportunity for not only to practice my english grammar and spelling but also to make it available to people in other parts of the world.)

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