Friday, October 27, 2017

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mediahouse Qunnersuaq hits Copnehagen, March the 21th

Uyarakq, Peand-eL, Tarrak and Taatsi. An opportunity to experience the great divide in join
venture at the old warehous at Christianshavn in Copenhagen.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sports, knowledge and community

Patience. May 2011, a danish girl called Natalia Genet reached out about a skate project in Sisimiut Greenland. I just finished my research and put time and energy in getting baseline and funding for Greenlands 1st sk8 bowl (2012). What followed was the establishment of Nuuk Skatepark in 2013. What followed then, apart from Urban Street Camps in Sisimiut, was focus on building Urban Hero School in Sisimiut and Sk8 Empowerment Qaqortoq. Urban Hero School never materialized.

Natalia had a vision already in 2011. "My project is to build a hall with a large indoor skatepark with skate-school where there are skate lessons for children and youth sports classes during school hours. Skate school has also team-teaching as a leisure activity".

After completing Nuuk skatepark in 2013, Natalia and Pivotech + Municipality of Sisimiut put a lot of effort to build

Patience. Time.

Elemental ingredient in working with youth and urbanity in Greenland has been the local community. You can decribe it from many perspectives nevertheless, it has always been my, and I think also Natalia's goal, to do the local in terms of the local intiative. Create spaces of opportunities and be honest about the receiver/actor initiator-side of empowerment.


Shortly put seven years later, Sisimiut native Inuk Siegstad pops up on Danish national TV proclaiming; "..if I win, I will build an indoor skatepark so that we can run in winter time as well...".

Image: screenshot DR-television 29-01-2017

Urban Greenland
Sports, knowledge and community
Inuk Siegstad #danmarkhartalentTalentedGreenland

#staystrong Natalia Genet, #staystrong Inuk Siegstad

When this shout out goes to Inuk, it goes to many inuit in broadest sense. Our projects wouldn’t have been possible without the kind help and support from a number of both Greenlandic and Danish funds, sponsors and individuals.

Thank you all for supporting Urban Greenland: sports, knowledge and community

FUNDS & SPONSORS (2012 – 2014 respectively):
Mikropuljefonden IKIOQATIGIITTA, Kronprins Frederik og Kronprinsesse Marys fond, Det Kongelige Grønlands Fond, Lauritzenfonden, Kai Houmann Fond, Lions Sisimiut, Rotary, NAPA – Norden, DC, Califonia Sports, SK8M, Ittu Net, Pikkori Sport, STARK – Sisimiut, Brugsen – Sisimiut, Tuborg Sport, Igloo Mountain ApS, Sirius Greenland ApS, Pisiffik – Sisimiut, Artic Star ApS, Brøndum – Sisimiut, Polar Magasinet, BJ Entreprise A/S, VVS Service Sisimiut A/S, Butik Inuk, Sisimiut Malerentreprise A/S, Polar Entreprise A/S

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Prussic, adressed in 2003, everyday issues in Greenland
Torrak adresses in 2016, everyday issues in what you in danish call "denmark in greenland". I.e. danish stereotypes about greenland.

Tupilak, is a clever comment to the general image of Greenland. Clever in terms of connecting anger to the idea of tupilak. Other parts of the song refer to actual events, such as danish police comments on a greenlandic person in trouble in Denmark. In this case, the selective idea is dominant.
Let's see, what Tarrak will deliver on his debut EP/LP. The collaboration with Uyaraqk makes it more interesting then the average amount of music-files on the net.

Chorus Sample

Monday, August 10, 2015


It all began at the beach. Didn’t it? Whether it was in Cali’ or Sisimiut, Greenland. This summer, active board member and local hero Nukaaka Fontain Berthelsen, will grind the beats off olie’s and zero degree architeXture down in the south - Qaqortoq.

The project: get down to it and share the action with Nukaaka. Action means practice! Pick up the board and engage in adaptive play. Get guidance and play back with your skills. Sharing is caring. All voluntary.

This year, apart from Urban Street Camp in Sisimiut, NGO Urban Greenland is proud to spin off SK8-Empowerment: peer to peer network to South Greenland. On the eve of continuing Nukaakas*education at Campus Kujalleq, four complete Globe boards will spread the spirit of skateboarding. However “unusual subjects of interest” in the Arctic, sk8 is precisely what enables NGO Urban Greenland to sustain their mission of improving living conditions for children and young people in Greenland. In everyday life & voluntary spaces.

The 2015 Globe sponsorship for SK8 Empowerment Qaqortoq, is a direct outreach from the photo project Inuit Now by Lasse Bak Mejlvang and Dennis Lehmann (


*Nukaaka F. Berthelsen, 26y, is currently a student at Campus Kujalleq and active member at NGO Urban Greenland – sports, knowledge & community since 2012.

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Friday, June 26, 2015


The street, however "unusual object of study" in the Arctic, is exactly what enables NGO Urban Greenland to sustain their mission of improving living conditions for children and young people in Greenland. In everyday life & voluntary spaces. 

Engage in adaptive play. Get guidance through pieces and play back with your skills. Sharing is caring. All voluntary.

More Urban Greenland Street Camp Sisimiut .... 


Saturday, May 30, 2015


In collaboration with Copenhagen Photo Festival 2015, Dennis Lehmann & Lasse Bak Mejlvang work will be presented in a 500 sq. m. solo exhibition at Øksenhallen. June 11th. NOW HOLD ON - they decided to make a book (by MTHM Books) and ... has an essay ... and whatever the case -> BACK THIS PROJECT NOW!