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And here we R - just four month later (see several posts below), the Sisimiut based SKATE FOUNDATION GREENLAND is rapidly taking shape.

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Sisimiut SK8-team & Project CEO Natalia Genét (DK) has joined forces with them British Colombia Canadians Jesse Boswell and Trevor Moncaster: prof. skatepark builders! Building "by the board" since August the 3rd, the Greenland Bowl is def. taking shape. On the side line the artist Steen Olsen (KN) & Mads Pihl (KN); who all sum it up with their photographic works e.g.
Not to forget to mention SANILIN - the local Technical School who by far made it happen in terms of hardware. And I could go on...

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In the headlines sk8 & talented Greenland representative Nukaaka Berthelsen (KN). Apart from being a sk8 instructor, Nukaaka is one the local "maligassaq" - meaning "role model" in greenlandic. He's almost finished his education at RAL - Royal Arctic Line and full of sportsmanship. Gifted, very gifted snowboarder and teacher. If Kaaga from Ilulissat tough me how to stand on a snowboard in 2004, then Nukaaka made me appretiate the whole idea of it + the board in general (during 2006 and 2007). I'm not good, but thanks to him I understand the meaning of it (danish tekst on that topic available here: chapter 5.3 & 5.4).

Many may think of a no-go; imagining a skateboarding fascility in Sisimiut? Actually, yes. It seems to be there! Many did allready before I asked J & N in 2007. As I learned, there was a plan for a skatepark already in 2004 designed by J. So, 8y later, it's happening. Although time is an factor here, don't forget that the municipality and the Technical School always supported the sport. Partners for the NGO SKATEFOUNDATION GREENLAND lists both local, national and international forces. No matter what - this/THE new bowl is a landmark of the local youth linguo. Something I take the liberty to sum with help in the words of a English anthropologist Tim Ingold on "Lines" (2007:170); WHEREVER YOU ARE, THERE'S SOMEWHERE FURTHER U CAN GO.

Nukaaka Berthelsen July 2007 (photo JCM)

Jacob Barselajsen July 2007  (photo JCM)

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