Sunday, August 26, 2012

SUBKULTPOLAR - November the 3rd, 2012

Announcing public lecture on Arctic Street Art as part of "Subkult2012 - med et strejf af Norden". Various artists from Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland give their take on contemporary Nordic arts and culture. NOVEMBER THE 3RD, this year!

I'm glad that I can squeeze in the talented Arctic. Very glad about the Iqaluit based NUSCHOOL DESIGN AGENCY giving me the permission to show the spraycan masterpieces from Nunavut (urban centres and hamlets). So, at this venue, you can expect to see both the history of spraycan art in the Arctic and contemporary art interconnecting with community based organisations such as Habitat for Humanity Iqaluit (HFHIQ).

Images Jakub Christensen M. (DK) & John Doe (KN). Layout Journey's end for Moments Like This. Free typeface Quad Ultra by Svetoslav Simov, Font Fabric.

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