Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm celebrating 12y anniv. with exploring Arctic Street Art by offering guided tour in Nuuk - september 16th or 23rd. I shall announce AND confirm date, time and place through

Following is a rough selection of my collection from Greenland. Don't forget that Nunavut, Nunavik and the rest of the circumpolar region is also skilled. Search my blog by typing e.g. nuschool ...



Unfortunatelly, I´m not able to participate @ The First International Conference on Urbanisation in the Arctic taking place in Nuuk, Greenland, 28-30 August 2012.
For those who care -  here's my contribution to the idea of urbanity in the Arctic.
Keywords: youth, Lefebvre - rhythmanalysis and moments (from the (given) real to the possible), differentiated space, talented Arctic, skills, visions and creativity.

English article from an institutional space in Sisimiut about youth accentuating important aspects of urban self-reflection.

Danish PhD thesis on the topic of Youth and Urbanity in Greenland (in danish with english resumé). One of the few works including a rhythmanalysis, in this case a rhythmanalysis of a skateboarding session and of the thesis' 10 casestudies. Intensity, seen as an essential rhythm of young people’s engagement with urban settings, is argued to affect both the energy and willpower of the young people to the whole community. Finally, there is a particular rhythm found in the data, namely in the youth activities accentuation of how action reinforces the path to success - new openings and opportunities in terms of the future, yet unknown city.

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