Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Narrating Urban Space in Nuuk

Young in Nuuk, by Signe Fjorside (stud. RUC). - . in danish......2009

Ung i Nuuk:Idékataloger udarbejdet af Signe Fjorside i forbindelse med hendes speciale om unges syn på fremtiden i Nuuk.

Read here - Nuuk High School Students

Read here - Atuarfik Samuel Kleinschmidt


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Hello, we are currently working on the proceedings of the 2006 Inuit Studies Conference. A website is already launched (even if some changes will follow) at :

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Florence. said...

Oh my bad, sorry for posting this. I've just noticed that your new e-mail had been added to one of our databases. Everything is perfect now.