Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Chain Wars - Film Premiere - Dramedy

(Image - Courtesy of ItsuMarlo Parlo Studio)

Akiniaaneq killeqaleraangat (2009)

Dramedy by the Greenlandic filmmaker Ujarneq Fleisher.
English title: "The Limits of Revenge"
Premiere - Friday 29th of January, Taseralik - Sisimiut
Af Ujarneq Fleischer/ItsuMarlo Parlo Studio Film
2h, 15+
Script: Ujarneq Fleischer
Actors: Jess Joensen, Henrik H. Jeremiassen, UjarneqFleischer + .

Abstract: Last year's war between Pisiffik and Brugsen suddenly becomes a personal affair for the employees. Brugsen has lost the battle and revenge gets worse and worse. Dan (leading role) comes to Sisimiut from Sarfannguaq to work for Pisiffik with his friends. Immediately, Siiva from Brugsen discovers that Dan has come to town and wants revenge - he carries an USB proving what really happend during the last war. To avoid the police, Dan tries to penetrate the police office. The mission fails, Dan gets arrested. To save him, friends give him a false ID by hacking into the Self-Governmet database. Isaac (Director of Pisiffik) knows a lawyer, who also is an alcoholic and lives in Assaqutaq. The lawyer is the only one who can free him in court............

[Ujarneq Fleischer's first movie 'Tikeq, Qiterleq, Mikileraq Eqeqqoq' premiered in Taseralik December 2008 and had a huge success across Greenland]


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