Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Urban Rhythms

...."Rhythms differ from one another in their amplitude, in the energies they ferry and deploy, and in their frequency. Such differences, conveyed and reproduced by the rhythms which embody them, translate into intensity or strenght of anticipation, tension and action. All these factors interact with one another within the body, which is traversed by rhythms rather as the 'ether' is traversed by waves" (Lefebvre 1991:206).

I would recommend reading Dr. Jo Vergunst, formerly Jo Lee (2006). How straight is Union Street?: Lines and rhythms of walking in the city.

Borden, Iain (2001). Skateboarding, space and the city. Architecture and the Body. Berg.

- chapter 7:Urban Compositions. Zero degree Architecture and Urban Rhythm.

- rhytm & rhytmanalysis: pp.11,35,54,103,109, 111-113, 135, 190, 192-204, 211, 227-8, 236-7, 241, 244, 247-8,262,266, 7.8

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