Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Youth & urbanity. What is the connection?

”There can be no city without centrality, no urbanity without a dynamic core, without a vibrant, open public forum full of lived moments and ”enchanting” encounters, disengaged from exchange value” (A. Merrifield 2006:71 [on the French phylosopher H. Lefebvre]).

Youth and youth culture play an important role here.

Based on my research: "Youth and the City - investigating urban youth culture in Sisimiut, Greenland: visions, skills & creativity", I apply following hypothesis inspired by Lefebvre's conceptualisation of "The Right to the City":

1. Urbanity – manifestation of the right to the city
2. Youth accentuate important aspects of urban self-reflection
3. Manifestation of the right to the city takes place in both institutional and non-institutional spaces.

Wallride contest. Sisimiut 2008. Courtesy of/copyright Zake85.

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