Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Elements. It’s all about elements. Different elements. The board, the place, the clothe you wear. Lifestyle. It’s about the body, kicking the board and kicking it right. It’s about light and motion. To capture that motion. Not about gender not about age. Dedication and timing instead. A rage of concentration in exercise. Permission and payback in DVD’s sent back. Regrets in not having the skills to capture the strength and concentration. Regrets. In not succeeding on selected tricks. The light, focus and the wind. Fix points in an evening of coincidence, curiosity and participation. That’s what it’s about – space, lived space. It takes about five minutes to find out who they are. Confrontation. The elements are either there, in their right place, or they pass by you like fright train tuned into the rhythm. Skate tracks. This is it. A selection of moments from two and a half hour of amazement and not so amazing at all. Feet. Look what they’re capable of. Why and when? Control stands against the flow. Practice by minutes and seconds.

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