Thursday, March 22, 2007


Completing 2nd stage of my fieldwork resulted in traveling back home. To see my family, to teach and take care of practical stuff; among other things to take care of finances and buying bindings for my snowboard (something I have been trying for a long time in Sisimiut.)

It was very nice to see my family. My 2 daughters are getting bigger and bigger. Emma Lou speaks a lot now, Anna May is huge! Apart from returning into my wife’s arms I had the chance to think about traveling (movements) between Greenland and Denmark. Not that this is new, but since it was taking place in between my 2nd and 3rd fieldwork period, I got some thoughts on this subject. Mobility must some how make a great part of the young people’s life. You travel often from home to your school where you live at the dormitory. You travel when you’re in need of on-the-job experience. You travel to foreign countries for more education. You travel home to see your family, visit your friends etc. Apart from having an opportunity to reflect on your situation I also think that traveling forms in some ways your lifestyle in the sense of settling down, in the sense of what might and might not be your home. The bottom line for me in this is: the young, the students, the society has a lot to share, a lot of experiences a lot of competences, some of which might come from the traveling life.

I left Sisimiut for Copenhagen on Tuesday the 6th of march. I turned 30 on Wednesday. Returned to Sisimiut on a Thursday (the 22nd) staying until Friday the 20th of April.

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