Saturday, March 03, 2007

CALENDER WEEK (9) - 26.2. – 2.3. 2007

SUMMARY: Participate in primary school (Minngortuunnguup Atuarfia) workshop week. Mixed class (9th-11th grade) working with the history of the towns harbor.

Questionnaires at PIAREERSARFIK – vocational collage and employment centre in Sisimiut (9 informants ranging from 18 years to 65.)

Meeting with KRG at the Technical High School to make further arrangements for my teaching in week 15 & 16

Making arrangements for questionnaires session at the youth club Nutaraq and discussion about exhibiting at the museum in mid-September 2007.

Writing reports regarding my visit at PIAREERSARFIK.

Writing proposals for Folk High School student’s project at the museum and my project. Proposals regarding a) place names b) small research project at the main road Aqqusinersuaq.

Attending an arrangement reg. an anniversary for the local musician Jokum Lennert

Attending Hand-ball competition at the Sports Arena

Visiting Sisimiut TV

Visiting the Music School

Visiting the youth club Nutaraq

Visiting NATURVEJLEDER – “the local nature guide”

Recording outside the town, on the skidoo/car/walking trail– photos and video

Backup of my data

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