Tuesday, February 20, 2007


On Tuesday the 13th I’ve conducted first questionnaires during this fieldwork period. I was lucky to get a lot of help from the teacher at the primary school Mingortuunnguup Atuarfia a.k.a. SKOLE 1. I had 2 hours with the 10th grade students, who were working on filling up a questionnaire, developed in co-operation with the teacher. Some students turned in questionnaires I’ve send up before my arrival. In addition to writing things down, the pupils draw down their leisure arenas on a chart. During their work, I managed to talk to every student about their drawings and ask some extra questions, both relevant to the questionnaires and quiet a few concerning old place names in Sisimiut. The result is: data from 16 pupils, consisting of a questionnaires and maps/charts.

To be able to use this data I have written a short report/application for permission of use of data in my work. The pupils at 10th grade were under the age of 18 and due to this I need permission from the school, who informs the parents. Additionally, I’ll be turning in copies of data to the school office as soon as I’ll be able to work them in and describe them in full length.

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