Thursday, December 14, 2006

Greenlandic being, Danish having

Today I found an interesting article on urban Inuit in Copenhagen. The article's somehow complicated title: "Postassimilationist Ethnic Consumer Research: Qualifications and Extensisons" deals with critical examination of consumer behaviour in a non-North American context. Data collected among Greenladers in Denmark fuel the author's discussion.

The article's informants highlight contrasts in sociability between Greenlandic and Danish urban environment (pp. 163). According to the article, the smaller Greenlandic environments fasciliate interaction, eventhough they are smaller and with fewer options for leisure activities.

According to the informants, urbanized Danes think they must control the world through "having" and economic thinking.

..."....acculturative processes in the Danish context lead immigrants to adopt identity positions not entirely consistent with those reported in previous postassimilationist consumer research. Further, we identify transnational consumer culture as an acculturative agent not identified in previous research on consumer ethnicity and question the performative model of culture swapping.....(

Informant's age: 14-67

References: Søren Askergaard, Eric J. Arnould, Dannie Kjeldgaard (2005). Postassimilationist Ethnic Consumer Research: Qualifications and Extensisons. In: Journal of comsumer research, vol. 32., University of Chicago PRess. Pp. 160-170.

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